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About us

We are affiliated with Grace Communion International – a Christ centered fellowship with more than 900 congregations in almost 100 nations and territories.


We are a church that emphasizes the love of Jesus Christ as our primary message. Jesus is the centerpiece for everything we do.  Jesus reached out to others who were different than He was. He touched lepers, visited tax collectors, ate with social outcasts and spoke to people on the other side of the cultural wall. We want to do the same. Our focus it to follow Christ and “make disciples.”


GCI Miramar is a place where people come together to experience the love of Jesus Christ and worship Him as a community of believers.  Whether you’re young, old, wealthy or poor,  we want you to join us as we worship God and learn from his word.  

our pastors:
Charles Keysha.jpg
Charles & Keysha Taylor

Lead Pastor & Worship Leader

20191026_164035 (2).jpg
Luis & Mayte Aponte

Associate Pastor & Administrative Assistant

Roosevelt & Lois Lanier

Assistant Pastor & Prayer Ministry Leader

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